"To tackle cancer you need the best brains, the best ideas and the best facilities. However, without the best young talent, there can be no future. If you want to win the premier league, you have to have the top players. CRANES has been very farsighted in adopting this philosophy and has given generously in pursuit of this aim. By supporting local research, they have ensured that the best research in the North East is competing on an equal footing with other teams in the UK. This will translate into direct benefit for our population, in addition to benefitting humanity generally."

Professor El-Omar - Professor of Gastroenterology

"The CRANES fellowship is the best thing that has happened to me in my career. It will allow me to pursue Cancer Research at the highest level and will drive my future development as a clinician scientist. I am very excited about my research project and very grateful to CRANES for their tremendous support."

Dr. Basavaraju - Specialist Register in Gastroenterology
Received funding for his fellowship to determine the effects certain food has on the colon.

"This is a wonderful and most generous gift and we are extremely grateful for your support of this significant area of work. Your generosity will enable our scientists to undertake essential research in the effect of certain cancer drugs on certain patients. This work will greatly improve our scientists understanding of cancer therapies and enable them to provide the right treatment to the right patient improving patient care and survival rates"

University Development Trust

"We are extremely grateful for these two fantastic donations and the major impact they will make on two very important projects. The continued support which CRANES has provided to the University’s research is truly exceptional and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be the recipients of such generosity."

University Development Trust

"I was delighted to hear of CRANES incredibly generous donation totalling £189,715.00 to the University of Aberdeen Development Trust to continue your wonderful support of medical research. This is an extraordinarily kind gift which will have a very meaningful impact on the work of our medical researchers and their respective."

On behalf of the University of Aberdeen Development Trust I would like to give you and all the committee members of CRANES my sincere thanks for the tremendous gift of £85,000 in support of Professor N'Dow's work on Advanced Prostate Cancer and Bladder cancer. This is a phenomenal level of commitment for a vital cause and we are hugely grateful to you for this magnificent donation."

Principal Diamond - LIVER Project and Future LEADERS' Fund

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