CRANES (Cancer Research Aberdeen and North East Scotland) was formed in July 2003 with a mission to raise funds

  1. to support local research into the causes and treatments of all forms of cancer and cancer related illnesses and make the results of such research available to the public
  2. to advance the education of the public in cancer-related research health issues and so raise awareness of these issues, and
  3. to publicise and give financial support to cancer related projects, including the supply of equipment, patient relief and medical support.

The charity is run by a local voluntary committee with minimal administration costs so that the bulk of the monies raised goes directly to local cancer research projects. Because of the generosity of the people in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland and from various donations and fund -raising events held plus a limited amount of corporate support through personal contacts we have been able to fully fund research programmes in most aspects of the disease (See the full list of disbursments on the research page.)

What makes CRANES different from other cancer charities?

  1. We support projects related to issues highly relevant to our local area.
  2. We support projects related to the prevention and early diagnosis of cancer.
  3. We are a link between the Medical Research teams at Aberdeen University Institute of Medical Sciences and the public, and can use this link to raise awareness about preventing cancer.

Due to the high incidence of bowel cancer in this area our first distributions were made to the colorectal unit. At that time approximately 350 cancers were diagnosed each year and although surgery could be performed on all of the patients only 50% would survive for five years. It was known that these results could be improved by early detection but PREVENTION was the ultimate aim. Evidence, over the years, has confirmed this premise and the committee has continued to raise funds to help and assist in developing the essential educational and research facilities required in Aberdeen.

How to support us

There is still a long way to go but there is a lot we can do together in this fight against cancer. It is hoped that you will be able to support us in our efforts. If you wish to make a donation or leave a legacy gift to cranes in your will, please see the Donate page.

 cranes are extremely grateful to Red Evolution for setting up their new web site

How to Donate

Any donation that you can spare can really help with research costs. To find out how you can help us, visit our Donate page

How We Spend Your Donations

We are a local charity and much of what we collect is distributed to local cancer projects. For more information about our research and how your donations are spent, visit our Research page.