Details of Disbursements Made to

 University of Aberdeen Development Trust

  1. £140,000 aprox. To the Colorectal Unit and Chest Clinic at Foresterhill which enabled them to purchase endoscopy simulators - machines used in training staff in techniques used in the early detection of cancer.
  2. £115,000 over a two year period to the University Research Department at Foresterhill which enabled them to appoint a clinician to do an in-depth study on the effects certain foods have on the colon.
  3. £5000 to the University Research Department at Foresterhill to launch a 'Future Leaders in Cancer Research Fund' which will enable the brightest medical students to work on a research project or visit a lab overseas. This project is under the direction of Professor Emad El-Omar professor of Gastroenterology.
  4. £60,000 to the University Research Department to assist in the purchase of a 'state-of-the-art' machine which will dramatically improve their research capability.
  5. A further £5000 to enhance the 'Future Leaders in Cancer Research' fund.
  6. £23,000 to the Breast Cancer Unit to assist with a current programme.
  7. £60,000 to the colorectal unit at Foresterhill to purchase equipment required for their research programme and to assist with training.
  8. Prostate Cancer Research Project - £176,903 (to be paid over two years).
  9. Lung Cancer Research Programme - £34,400.
  10. Skin Cancer Study - £5250.
  11. PH D Liver Cancer Project - £150,000 (Payable over two years).
  12. Future Leaders' Programme - £5000.
  13. Angiogenic Tumour Cells Project - £20,000.
  14. Ph D Studentship in Leukemia Cells - £84,715.
  15. Advanced Prostate and Bladder Cancer Research Project - £85,000.
  16. Identifing a new method to accurately predict how effective chemotherapy will be for individual patients - £93,774

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