<p>Cranes was founded in July 2003 with a mission to raise funds in support of locally based research into the causes and prevention of all forms of cancer.  The charity is run by a voluntary committee, with minimal administrative costs and all monies raised go directly to local cancer projects.  Since then, we have raised in excess of one million pounds and disbursed funds of:  £140,000 to the Colorectal Unit and Chest Clinic at Foresterhill which enabled the purchase of endoscopy simulators - machines used in training staff in techniques used for the early detection of cancer.  £115,000 over a 2 year period to the University of Aberdeen research department which enabled them to appoint a clinician to do an in-depth study on the effects certain foods have on the colon.  £5,000 to launch a 'Future Leaders in Cancer Research Fund', which will enable the brightest medical students to work on a research project or visit a lab overseas.  Further details are on our research page.  £60,000 to the University of Aberdeen research department to assist in the purchase of a state of the art machine which will dramatically improve their research capability.  Further details are on our news page. </p>

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